Sunday, December 9, 2012

New Seminar/ Coaching Topic for Executives and Managers who have Foreign-born Employees

At the urging of some of my client firms, including Technip, I have developed the following new topic: 

For those who manage foreign-born employees:
(i) How to "connect" and establish a stronger bond with your foreign-borns. 
(ii) Strategies and tactics to help enhance the communication effectiveness of those foreign-born employees.      

Thus, to help increase productivity and strengthen the esprit de corps within organizations that comprise one or more foreign-born employees, I now offer the following topics by way of seminars and one-on-one coaching:
A. the one mentioned above, and
B. For foreign-borns:
(i) How to "connect" and engage with the typical American professional. 
(ii) Strategies and tactics to compensate for the loss in communication effectiveness that occurs because of an accent.

The topics at B were very well received at one of Shell Oil’s annual events for employees of Asian origin.

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