Tuesday, August 4, 2020

“No Point in Playing Around with Bows & Arrows of Negative Interest Rates If You Are Actually Using the Bazooka of ...”—Use of Visual, Evocative Expression to Emphasize One’s Point

Here is a recent example of a highly effective communicator using a vivid, evocative expression while emphasizing something and thus making his assertion indelible—an example which, I hope, will inspire the rest of us into similarly imaginative analogies, especially when we are trying to break through the clutter.

  • During a recent edition of “Marketplace Morning Report,” when David Kelly (the highly regarded Chief Global Strategist at J.P. Morgan Asset Management) was asked whether he expected the Fed Reserve to “take a page” from Europe’s central bankers and go negative on interest rates, he responded: “I hope not...The current monetary policy is by far the most stimulative we’ve ever had... So, no point in playing around with bows and arrows of negative interest rates if you are actually using the bazooka of monetizing the federal debt and that’s what the Federal Reserve is doing.”
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Monday, August 3, 2020

Strengthening Your Command of the Language: New Edition of “Words of the Month”

If you’ve still not checked out the March/ April 2020 edition of Words of the Month,” my free vocabulary enrichment feature, I would urge you to do so right away. It will be removed from my website later this week, possibly as early as tomorrow. Here are the six featured words, all of which lie within the conversational vocabulary of America’s most articulate (as is the case with all of the words featured in my book, The Articulate Professional-3rd Edition”):

1. paean

2. moribund

3. obsequious

4. de rigueur

5. acuity

6. Svengali