Thursday, November 12, 2009

Interviewing for a Job: How to Emphasize that You are the Right Person for the Position

Last weekend, while working one-on-one with an employee of an oil services company who is looking for a new job, I observed that she was having difficulty speaking persuasively and with conviction when replying to the question “why do you think you should get this job?” Here is one of the three-sentence approaches I presented to her for responding to such questions or comments:

Sentence 1: (with an endearing smile) Well, I have studied the job requirements (or responsibilities or expectations) for this position and I firmly believe that I am the right person for this job.

Sentence 2: For instance, while working as … at the abc company, it was my initiative (or I spearheaded the project) that led to the firm saving xxx dollars (or which led to the company finding new opportunities in ….). [Could be expanded, by adding another sentence, to mention a second relevant experience or accomplishment.]

Sentence 3: Which is why (or, it is for these reasons), Mr. Smith, I have absolutely no doubt that I am fit to handle the many challenges (or responsibilities) that come with this position (or that I have the requisite skills and the competence to address the broad spectrum of problems this position entails.)

There will be more on job interviews in future blogs.

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