Sunday, March 21, 2010

An Apology; End of My Long Slumber

Forgive me for not writing for almost 5 weeks. I was in one of the periodic Rip Van Winkle phases of my life.

Subject: Nov--Dec 2015 website update cycle: #5 -- Final email -- Contents of "What's New" box


please make the following changes in the "What's New" box on home page: 


First bullet:


Latest rendition of “Employee Recognition: How to deliver effective praise in Just Three Sentences”  

(embed the new link you are creating for the Oct. 15 seminar in Dallas in the words “Employee Recognition: How to deliver effective praise”) [note: the words “in just three sentences” should not be part of the link]


Second bullet:

 New seminar topic: Enhancing morale and harmony in a highly diverse workplace

(embed following link in the words “New seminar topic”)

Third bullet:

“Campaigning like she’s in Napoleon’s march on Moscow” -- visual, evocative expression for emphasis

(embed following link in the words "visual, evocative expression”


Fourth bullet:

Senior executive at ExxonMobil on the long-term benefits of my one-on-one coaching

(embed following link in the words "long-term benefits of my one-on-one coaching”)

Same link as last time

Fifth bullet:

November/ December 2015 Words of the Month

Sixth bullet: 

September /October  2015 Vocabulary Quiz



No more emails for this cycle.






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