Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Visual, Evocative Words to Emphasize Something: An Inspiring Example From an Interview with Daniel Yergin

A couple of months ago, while discussing the impact of fossil fuels on the environment during a PBS Newshour interview, Daniel Yergin pooh poohed doomsday scenarios, saying “It’s a concern and has to be managed” and “the issue is of finding the relevant new technologies, something we’ve been doing for some 250 years.”

Yergin than elaborated on his optimistic frame of mind by stressing that the alternative/ renewable energy technologies of today (gas turbines, for instance) are far, far more efficient than those of the 1970s and 80s, and that the reason why people don’t readily perceive all this progress is that such advances are not “dramatic.” He emphasized his point by quoting a European Union official who is reported to have said “there is no red ribbon to cut” -- for instance, in the matter of cars having become a lot more efficient in recent years, “you don’t get great photo ops.” Well said, Mr. Yergin.

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