Friday, March 13, 2015

A Pathetic First Impression! 10-second Video Clip of 2016 Presidential Aspirant Who Doesn’t Have a Clue How to Look Pleasing and “Connect” Instantly

First, the comments below are not fueled by any political ideology: My criticism would have been equally vigorous, equally scathing, had the subject been a Democrat.

Now, click on the 10-second video clip below, which is from a very recent edition (Sunday, March 1) of NBC’s “Meet the Press,” and you’ll observe a miserable first impression created by the guest. 
Why do I say "miserable"? For two reasons: First, the guest (Ben Carson, a Republican presidential aspirant for 2016) appears statue-like and inanimate--what I describe in my seminars and coaching as the “Egyptian Sphinx model.”  Second, his expression is abjectly cheerless, even funereal! 

Just two of the numerous things Carson could have done in the opening seconds to create a favorable first impression: a big, warm smile and at least a modicum of physical movement--say, leaning in momentarily. And I’m not even getting into aspects of his attire, such as his poor choice of tie. For a fuller discussion on that, please visit my posts on “men’s attire,” where I discuss the principle of matching contrasts. 

Ben Carson’s has to be one of the worst first impressions I have ever seen from a person who is trying to market himself or herself, let alone someone who wants to be elected America’s next leader.

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