Monday, September 28, 2015

No, You Do Not Get a Second Chance to Make a Good First Impression—Rick Perry Just Proved It!

This time around--his second quest for the Republican presidential nomination--Rick Perry was running a far better campaign than four years ago, say most political analysts. During every public appearance, he was well prepared and cogent. Yet, the former Texas governor was consistently registering close to 0% (yes, “zero percent”) in the polls, which is why he became the first of the sixteen or so major Republican White House aspirants to drop out.
The primary reason why Rick Perry failed to get any traction this time? Memories of his abysmal performance in 2011, especially his infamous “oops” moment during a debate, continued to linger. CNN’s Jeff Zeleny put it best: Appearing on “Washington Week in Review” a day after Perry’s withdrawal, Zeleny commented: “Perry was a much better candidate this time around, no question! He really studied the issues and things, but all of our impressions of Rick Perry are locked in from four years ago. Result: he was polling close to 0% and didn’t have money to pay even the light bill.”
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